Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal,Nashik

V. J. High School‚ Nandgaon

The school has 90 years glorious history. It is one of the oldest and pioneer school in Nandgaon Taluka. It was founded on 1st April 1919 by Nandgaon Education Society as a name of Anglo Vernacular School. Later it was transferred to Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal‚ Nashik in 1929 The Bhumipujan ceremony was held on 12 Oct. 1929. Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal had appointed Shri.R. K. Yardi as a 1st Head Master of the school. He had held the programme with the co– operation of Late Bapu Punjusheth Dhamane. At that time‚ there were only 6 teachers and 80 students for 1st to 5th standard. Today‚ 1773 students are learning in the school. The old name Anglo Vernacular School was changed in new as Vaijnath Jijaji Vidyalaya in 1939. In 1985‚ Hon. Head Master Shri.R. G. Kunte started Technical Section in the school. He suggested to construct new Computer Hall in the school. For this purpose‚ he collected some fund with his own contribution.

The school is doing honest attempts to develope the moral values‚ to make them civilized citizens of this pious nation, to enter in new and modern world.

Available facilities

1) Technical Education

2) N.C.C.

School Activities

Distribution of School Uniforms to promising students through Pustakpedhi since 1972 – with the help of students and parents.

N.C.C. Training

Technical Education Facility

Eco– friendly club for environment awareness

Evening game practice

Navoday Vidyalaya Competitive Selection Examination

Science Exhibition

NMMS Examination

Govt. Drawing Exam

Extra – curriculum Activities

The awareness about pollution during Dipawali among people thro school students.

Communication with rural students‚ special activities for them.

Communication with below Economical Class people‚ telling them the importance of study and clean atmosphere in meetings.

Arranging of Dnyandindi‚ Vrukshadindi and Warkari dindi.

Students Participation in essay– competition‚ elocution competition and drawing competition.

School Committee

Designation Name
President Mr. Sanjeev Bhalchandra Dhamane
Secretary Mr. Kru. R. Kankrej
Member (Fellow) Mr. Anand Parakh
Member (Fellow) Mr. Anilkumar Jagannath Karwa
Member T.M Mr. Bhaiyasaheb Chauhan
Member T.R(Invitee) Mr. Bhaskar Madhe
Teachers Representative Mr. Pravin Sukhdeo Ahire
Non Teaching Representative Mr. Deoram Ramji Fufane

Teacher Awards (State and Government)

Shri. Vishnu Nikam : Shiv Chhatrapati Krida Puraskar in 1998

International‚ National‚ State Award winner students

Sr. No. Player’s Name Game Level
1 Patil Kiran Dada Kick Boxing International
2 Nikam Atul Vishnu Shooting Ball National
3 Nikam Amol Vishnu Shooting Ball National
4 Nikam Atul Vishnu Volleyball National
5 Sonawane Rajendra Shooting Ball National
6 Sheware Dattatraya Shooting Ball National
7 Sheware Pravin Shooting Ball National
8 Jorwar Naresh Shooting Ball National
9 Walke Shrikant Dinkar Shooting Ball National
10 Parakhe Atish Anil Shooting Ball National
11 Parakhe Gaurav Ravindra Shooting Ball National
12 Deshmukh Mahesh Kashinath Shooting Ball National
13 More Swarali Prakash Shooting Ball National
14 Palashikar Payal Anil Shooting Ball National
15 Gaikwad Pooja Sunil Shooting Ball National
16 Paithankar Gayatri Eknath Shooting Ball National
17 Bhavsar Geeta Parashram Shooting Ball National
18 Satpute Varsha Bhaskar Shooting Ball National
19 Bacchav Jyoti Shooting Ball National
20 Bhabad Ashwini Shooting Ball National
21 Salunke Hema Shooting Ball National
22 Salwe Manisha Shooting Ball National
23 Tushe Madhuri Shooting Ball National
24 Parakhe Kalyani Ravindra Shooting Ball National
25 Gupta Pooja Shooting Ball National
26 Adhav Kanchan Shooting Ball National
27 Shinde Swapnali Shooting Ball State
28 Kalungal Geeta Shooting Ball State
29 Ghotekar Savita Shooting Ball State
30 Patil Rita Shooting Ball State
31 Sawant Manisha Shooting Ball State
32 Raut Kavita Shooting Ball State
33 Borse Smita Balasaheb Shooting Ball State
34 Narale Supriya Shooting Ball State
35 Shendage Snehal Shooting Ball State
36 Jadhav Pooja Shooting Ball State
37 Mahajan Kalpana Shooting Ball State
38 Joshi Ritasha Shooting Ball State
39 Parkhe Megha Shooting Ball State
40 Parkhe Amita Shooting Ball State
41 Kulkarni Sayali Shooting Ball State
42 Tuse Poonam Shooting Ball State
43 Shinde Pournima Shooting Ball State
44 Shinde Mamta Shooting Ball State
45 Wagh Jayashri Shooting Ball State
46 Jadhav Shilpa Shooting Ball State
47 Parkhe Pooja Shooting Ball State
48 Paithankar Dipali Shooting Ball State
49 Mokal Sarika Shooting Ball State
50 Sonawane Pooja Shooting Ball State
51 Parkhe Poonam Shooting Ball State
52 Paithankar Roshani Shooting Ball State
53 Raskar Minal Shooting Ball State
54 Ilhe Shobha Shooting Ball State
55 Wagh Pratiksha Shooting Ball State
56 Mahajan Sucheta Shooting Ball State
57 Rathod Sarita Shooting Ball State
58 Ghuge Sonali Shooting Ball State
59 Chavan Sapana Shooting Ball

V. J. High school‚ Nandgaon

Athawade Bajar‚Shivaji Nagar, Nandgaon – 423106

Phone. 02552 – 242442

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